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Board and Executive

Remuneration Report 2024

Board & Executive Remuneration Reports 2024 ASX-listed companies

Uncover Board and Executive Remuneration with Australia’s Most Comprehensive Report

The most comprehensive salary benchmarking for executive and non- executive roles in Australia. With over 1,350 ASX listed companies included and 9,000 incumbents this report is the most comprehensive guide to Executive and Non-Executive Remuneration in Australia.

Board and executive remuneration is well publicised for large blue-chip companies, and we expect this trend to trickle down to juniors and mid-cap tier listed companies where there is a lack of equivalent affordable, granular and credible remuneration data available for defensible decision making.

What is included in these reports?


  • Consumer

  • Energy

  • Financial

  • Healthcare

  • Industrial

  • IT/Telecommunication

  • Mining and Metals

  • Real Estate

Individual Roles

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Operating Officer/Ops Leader

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief Commercial Officer

  • Chief People Officer

  • Chief Legal Officer

  • Executive Chairman

  • Executive Director

  • Project Executive

  • Risk Executive

  • Sales And Marketing Executive

  • Business Unit Leader

  • Company Secretary

  • Exploration/Business Development(mining)

  • Non-Executive Chair

  • Non-Executive Director


  • Tier 1: >$3b

  • Tier 2: $600m-$3b

  • Tier 3: $125m-$600m

  • Tier 4: $25m-$125m

  • Tier 5: <$25m


  • South Australia

  • Victoria

  • New South Wales

  • Western Australia

  • Queensland

  • Australian Capital Territory

  • Northern Territory

  • Tasmania

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Did you know? You can create your peer group and access all data from the REMSMART portal.

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